3L Mountain Shell Suit | Men's



Anatomy of this protective shell will allow you to feel comfortable and protected both during the descent along the snow slope, and during the ascent to the mountain. We believe that this garment is a perfect match for anyone looking for a durable shell for freeriding, skitouring and other sports in the backcountry.
Use of modern Neoshell fabrics provides you with a unique benefit as an advanced breathable protection. Created from a hydrophobic, micro-porous, polyurethane membrane with a tightly controlled range of pore sizes, it offers stretch of a soft-shell plus the breathability of a micro-porous structure found in breathable hard-shells. This unique construction allows positive air flow to drive the moisture vapor release while remaining waterproof.

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Product Details

Main Fabric: 3-layer Polartec® NeoShell®

Zippers: YKK® Aquaguard®

Seam: All seams are sealed

Insulation: None

Adjustable Hood: Helmet compatible

Pockets: Chest pockets, hips pockets, inner pockets

Ventilation: Zippered triceps ventilation, zippered hips ventilation, back zippered

Modules: Adjustable cuffs, integrated removable mitten for snow protection, integrated boot case, reinforced fabric lower leg